Business English

Studying the Business English Course at MLC will equip you with the skills needed to function effectively in international business situations. This course will help you boost your employability, enabling you to get the English language skills you need to access the best jobs. This course will improve your Business English terminology and grammar, and provide you with reading, writing, listening and speaking practice of this in a business context.Classes in Business English aim to improve the use of English in professional settings. Our business English focus on vocabulary and phrases used in global business environment, as well as on grammar usage and the skills required to function in business. Care is taken to ensure that the level of linguistic complexity matches that of the General English courses.

The purpose of the training is to help students to use the language freely and fully in a working environment. The business English courses cover many different topics such as Business correspondence, Globalisation, Advertising,  business meetings, telephoning, making presentations, describing statistics, diagrams, trends and graphs, negotiating, solving business problems, socialising and small talk with business partners.

This is a specialist program. Subject to demand.

Why Study Business English?

  • Build your Business English language skills and develop the business skills necessary for your career;
  • Communicate more confidently, effectively, accurately and fluently in both written and spoken English;
  • Build confidence in using English in real-life situations such as emails and meetings, combined with working successfully in a cross-cultural environment;
  • Improve your understanding of grammar to allow you to work more successfully in English;
  • Expand your English for business vocabulary;
  • Increase your grammatical knowledge, enabling you to use a greater range of structures while speaking English;
  • Learn how to create presentations;
  • Become confident in using English at work and in situations connected with work;
  • Develop presentation skills by analysing figures, graphs, and describing trends;
  • Develop a broader understanding of topical international issues.

A quick glance


Upper-Intermediate English

Class Hours

15 hours per week, Monday to Friday


Morning or Afternoon*

Course Duration

4 – 8 weeks

Minimum Age


Class Size

Min 8– Max 15

Key Business Themes

Some of the key topics of the course are:

  • Customer Relationships
  • Presenting in Meetings
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Sales Pitches
Qualified Teachers

Your teachers have strong commercial knowledge and are certified to teach the English language, which is why they are able to develop you to your full potential as a confident user of English in a business context. Business English is globally popular for all purpose business contexts. This enables you to interact and communicate in the future internationally.

We monitor your progress:

Throughout your course, you will have tutorials with your teacher and weekly tests, and your progress will be monitored and recorded so that we can ensure that you are continuously improving. Your records will be kept to make you aware of your progress.

We think about your learning needs:

We use a wide range of methodologies, technologies, and materials; including ‘real business context’ materials, and resources to provide interesting and exciting business contexts. Business English is presented in the most modern context.


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