English for Media Production

English for Media Production

Media now influences every aspect of our life. Media comes in many different formats including magazines, newspapers, social media and film and broadcasting. Globalisation has meant that we now are impacted by international media on a daily basis. The language of international media is undisputedly English, which compels those who work in international media to develop a strong grasp of the English language and in particular English for Media Production.

English for Media Production

The English for Media Production course has been developed for both media students and professionals who are aspiring for an international career in media production. This course is for learners who already have an intermediate/upper intermediate level in English (IELTS 5), due to the technical terminology that will be used on the course. This course not only equips learners with the English terminology needed for media production but also develops their technical ability through practical workshops in the multi camera studio at media city, Manchester.

A quick glance
Start Date Any Monday (Tuesday on Public Holidays)
Course Duration 2 – 45 weeks
Class Size Min 6 – Max 15 (Closed groups only)
Who will lead this course?

An expert in English with a deep understanding of the media industry.

Aims of this course?
  • To develop your proficiency of English in Media Production terminology
  • To improve your ability to communicate in the English language, in a media production related environment
  • To develop your technical ability in the state of the art Multi Camera Studio at Media City, Manchester
  • To give you an insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the international media arena
  • To develop your relationships with media experts who will be running the course
Media and Production Course Activities
  • 2 full day media workshops
  • Tour of the BBC Studios at MediaCity UK, Manchester
  • Visit Coronation Street’s filming set (the world’s longestrunningTV serial drama!)
  • Manchester Tour
  • A day trip to one of UK’s most beautiful and oldest cities (Chester)
  • 2 half day excursions
Media Workshop: Multi Camera Studio

Learners will get a unique insight into a multi camera studio at the media city campus, Manchester UK and will get the opportunity to develop a range of practical skills in the TV studio from Vision Mixing and Floor Managing to Directing and Camerawork. This course will be carried out in conjunction with Salford University giving learners access to expert trainers with vast experience in the media industry.


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